A Serenade For The Quonnie Grange

16 Apr

Dear friends, The Quonnie Grange (the home of QTM for four years) is currently closed due to a water main break. We’re hoping it will reopen in time for our summer season. It’s only been closed a little while and we already miss it terribly. So here’s a love song for the Grange, which has been a Quonnie fixture for over seventy years. 

To the tune of “Home On The Range” / HOME IS THE GRANGE

1. Oh give me a place where there’s just enough space
To meet with my neighbors and friends. 
It’s humble and small, but it’s close to us all,
And on it all Quonnie depends.
REFRAIN: Home, home is the Grange,
So keep the doors open, we pray.
It’s weathered and old, but to us it is gold,
And in Quonnie we want it to stay. 
2. Oh give us a stage where a star comes of age
And elections are held in due time.
Oh give us a dance, and a summer romance,
And Twelve Steps for a Fellow to climb.
3. Oh give us a room where a Boy Scout can bloom 
And owners can vote right or wrong.
The Grange is the seat where communities meet,
And we’re grateful we’ve had it so long.

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