First rehearsal at the Grange !

11 Aug

After a week of rehearsing at Chez Director’s House, we’re rehearsing A Quonnie Home Companion at the Quonochontaug Grange!

This show is a wonderful collaborative effort. The “rocks” are up (the finest painted refrigerator boxes in Quonnie, painted by Vera Esposito), the microphones are hot (thank you Tom Battista), and the choreographer is teaching combos (in a therapeutic boot, no less! Thank you Kristie Poggi!). Meanwhile, parents are watching the show and giving vocal support to the cast, while other parents are out selling ads and creating programs. These photos were taken by our “Garrison Keillor” character (we call him Harrison Keelore), Bill Martuscello, whose daughter is in the show for the second year in a row. He’s one of two ADULTS in our cast this year — the other is Tom Battista, playing Quonnie Quinn, Yankee Detective. 

Tickets on sale now. Only $6 each, shows Friday and Saturday at 7pm at the Grange. Ticket presale Monday 7-7:30pm, Tuesday 8:50-9:20am, Wednesday 11-11:30am at the Grange.


Kristie Poggi leads the dancers . .. that boot was made for dancing! photo 3

Quonnie Quinn, Yankee Detective (Tom Battista) rehearses with the rest of the cast.

photo 1




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